The Cold and Flu season, so what to do?

They say that a cold is not caught, but eaten. This sounds very strange but in simple terms it means that what we call a cold (aches, pains, congestion or runny nose, and sneezing) can in fact be a reaction to what we eat, so first check your diet. Remove the likely offenders, dairy, chocolate and junk food in general for at least for a month before gradually re-introducing these foods.


Flu is more tricky.  Flu vaccinations are next to useless and could even make things worse by stressing delicate immune systems. So what can be done?

During  winter time, re-enforcing your immune system is the most important thing any of us can do. Eating well is the number one action, we can eat less junk food, replacing it with food as nature provided, without it being over processed or manufactured in a factory will make a great deal of difference in itself.


Also increase your daily intake of vitamin C.  Take at least 1000mg twice daily. Remember to space it out during the day;  Water soluble is best. (time release is not so good).

If you have been in contact with Flu carriers? or,  feeling that you  might have flu coming on up the dose of Vitamin C.   A good idea to start  taking  Echinacea drops in water, two or three doses a day for say 5 days.

Always try to get into the habit of drinking  lots of water….

Homeopathy.  A very useful prophylactic (prevention in advance) is a Homeopathic remedy called Oscillococcinum  200c to take fortnightly during the flu season (October to March). This can be purchased from a Homeopath or homeopathic pharmacy.

Before strong flu symptoms are felt take Aconite 30c every half hour for a few hours this can stop a flu developing in its tracks, if started early enough.

If the above fails then the following remedies are very good to manage and shorten flu outbreaks. Belladonna, Ferrum Phos, Bryonia,  Eupatorium and Gelsemium.

Contact a Homeopath for further guidance.


The Consultation

First and follow up appointments usually take about an hour. Giving plenty of time to explore your health issues. With your agreement remedies are dispensed at the end of the visit. Four week follow-ups are usually arranged.

Complete confidentiality is always arrested.

The remedies. These are usually dispensed as small pillules which dissolved under the tongue when chewed or sucked. The aim is to identify a remedy or remedies that will suite you right away but sometimes in more complex cases it may take several visits before the desired response is achieved, everyone response diffidently. However some relief ought to be experienced from the outset.

Homeopaths treat the person not the disease, therefore, it very much depends on the individual and the length of time they have been unwell. Some people respond very quickly others take months to fully benefit.

When I am away or unavailable in an emergency you can phone the Homeopathic Helpline on 09065 343404 between 9 am and midnight 7 days a week. There is a small change for this service.


Try Homeopathy:


Natural healing from a therapy which is both safe and effective.

Homeopathy is one of the most widely used forms of therapy in the world today, because people are discovering the benefits of a system of therapy that is safe, effective and treats them as unique individuals. Homeopathy is a complete system of healing for a wide variety of health problems.

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